I recently announced it on my IG, I meant to it for along time and it's now a thing done: two new sizes have been added to the shop, the sizes XXS and XXL are now available for most items! Find out the measurements they each cover here



It's really nice to be able to open my collections to more people but remember that my lingerie is actually always for everyone since you can order it to your own measurements. I just excluded the triangle bras in XXL because that type of design doesn't provide proper support for larger chest and I realized customers are not always aware of this. It's not impossible to make but if you want it I think it's best we have a chat first so I can let you know more about the fit according to your size and you can decide what's better :)


I've also changed the way I size the Pandora and Marie Harnesses, they are now sized from 1 to 3. I know it sounds like I removed some sizes but no: they cover the same measurements! It's just that they are super adjustable so I figured the way I used to size them was making things complicated. Anyway, it more changes things for me than for you but I wanted to let you know of this!

The Marie Harness, Photo Credit: La Fille Renne

As I'm working alone, it is not possible to grade my patterns in advance for infinite numbers and variations of sizes so I do have to limit myself to the sizes I am ordered the most and propose the rest through the custom size section of the website. And when I do see that some measurements are often ordered in custom, I'm happy to put my size chart in question and update it if necessary!

Feel free to let me know in the comments if you have anything to ask or tell about this change :)

- Sacha
Sacha Kimmes
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